Soda-A brain Toxin?!

Hey guys!! I have not been writing for a while because i am trying to enjoy my vacations by watching the rerun of my fav show and reading :p because i just have some few days left :p But still i decided to write again because i was missing it so much 😀

How are you guys doing?? I hope you are doing good ❤ so Let’s dive right into it!

A can of Soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar!! Can you imagine that?? So why not diet soda??

Today, i will be telling you how both(soda and diet soda can be harmful for our brain.

Now, research suggests how regular soda-especially the fructose in the sugary drinks can damage our brain.
A study published April 2017 by researchers at Boston University that included 2,888 men and women linked sugary beverages—like sodas and fruit Juices

!—to memory loss and reduced brainvolume, especially in the area of the brain that involves memory and learning. In a follow-up study, the same researchers found that people who drink at least one diet(artificially sweetened) soda a day appear to have three times higher risk of having a stroke or developing dementia than those who don’t drink diet sodas

Researchers using data from the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) found that people who drink sugary beverages frequently are more likely to have poorer memory, smaller overall brain volume, and a significantly smaller hippocampus—an area in the brain important for learning and memory.

A study published in the journal stroke talks about the correlation between drinking diet soda and both stroke and dementia.

But how does diet soda does what it does?

Firstly,it tricks our brain into thinking that we have an extra dose of glucose but eventually the brain adapts by overcompensating in other ways

Secondly,it also imbalances our gut microbiome and I mentioned the gut and brain bromance in one of my blogs so their interaction is also disturbed

Your brain will also get use to it and your dopamine will also develop tolerance.and what does that mean?ut simply means you will be requiring more stimuli or more sugar to produce the same amount of dopamine.I have mentioned this in my Caffeine blog that when you consume caffeine you develop what we call tolerance that you keep on wanting more and more for the same effect you got on the first time.So you have to keep on increasing the dose.

One can if any carbonated Drink or soda contains 40 grams of sugar!Drink two cans of coke and your daily recommended carb intake is used up! If you really want a lesson in how bad this coke or soda is for you then go and measure 40 grams of granulated sugar. Now imagine eating that with a spoon!

What happens after one hour of consuming soda

First ten minutes.

Phosphoric acid attacks the enamel and the aspartame acts on the taste bud receptors to trick your body into thinking it has consumed processed sugar

After 20 minutes

Trigger the release of insulin which switches on our fat storage mode.Whatever sugar we will consume will eventually turn into fat for storage

40 minutes

By releasing excitotoxins(dopamine) it has a somewhat similar mechanism of action to that of cocaine

60 minutes and beyond

It will never quench your thirst as it dehydrates rather than hydrates.

A lack of vital water can lead to brain fog,poor concentration ,fatigue and feeling irritable.

So I would highly recommend you to abstain from it as much is possible for you.Once in a while drinking it is not bad although it is still but drinking it every day is definitely something you should never do.You can drink coconut water too.You can drink carrot juice mixed with beetroot.

Bye Bye!!See you soon ❤ Love you guys xoxo


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