Choose to forget??

Hey guys!! I am back again with another neuroluscious blog ❤ By the way, i didn’t plan on writing today but when i get across this topic i thought why not write it as its short, simple and interesting so Here we go!! Let’s get started!!

I hope you guys are happy, fulfilled and successful ❤

So can we deliberately choose to forget our memories? Yes we can! Perhaps the easiest way to forget something is not to think about it or suppress the memory.

When we think about memories we think we can actively strengthen them.

Jeremy Manning at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, has found that just telling people to

‘Push thoughts out of their heads,We Don’t know how but people seem to know how to do it’

Suppression of memories is linked to decreased activity in the hippocampus

In PTSD,this won’t work for ptsd patients,they are less able to suppress their memories especially related to traumatic incidents.

Some computer games seem to do the trick for example playing the game Tetris.

Thanks for reading!!Have a beautiful day ❤


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